Office Balcony Garden

IMG_3084Last month I was asked to organize an Earth Day event for our office, with a $50 budget for 30 employees.  Being a professional environment, I wanted to steer clear of any subjects that could be perceived as political.  So I came up with the idea of having everyone participate in planting seeds for a balcony garden.

Each person stuck a tag in their pellet with their name on one side and the type of seed on the other.  Materials: IMG_3083Pellets, a bag of dirt, seeds, planters, and toothpicks (for name tags) amounted to just under $50

We set the tray of pellets in the break room and checked in every day to see whose seeds were growing.  Everyone was surprisingly excited about watching their plants grow, and it has been a constant topic of conversation for the last month.

Eventually as the plants got bigger I transplanted them and put them out on the balcony.  Now our balcony has life and beauty.




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