The Ghosts of Costumes Past

I love Halloween and I love making costumes.  Homemade costumes are more unique and attractive, more fun, and they usually fit better.  Every year I am visited by the ghosts of costumes past, which pressure me to continue.

2010: Toucan.  I bought a styrofoam Christmas tree at a craft store and cut it into the shape of a toucan beak.  Then I painted it with spray paint.  I hot glued black feathers all over a black skirt and tank top, added orange tights, and oila – a toucan.2010 toucan beak2010 toucan

2011: My first couples costume: An Incan empress and Spanish conquistador.  At that time I wasn’t real confident in my sewing skills, so the clothing and Spanish flag were actually hot glued together (good enough for one night!).  Purchased the sword on eBay.

2011 conquistador2011 inca2011 inca2

2012: Inspired by Miss Venezuela, I created this dragon costume.  I was incredibly proud of it, but it was quite hard to maneuver the wings through crowded bars and parties.  This costume was very time-intensive.

2012 dragon

2013: Forest animal theme: I was a porcupine (super easy to make) and Hector was a bear (a bit harder).  For the porcupine I took a hoodie, shorts, and knee socks and hot glued pipe cleaners all over them.  I sewed the bear costume from scratch, by hand since the fur was too thick to fit under the sewing machine.

2013 porc

2014: I wanted to be something semi-frightening, yet glamorous.  I settled on a wildfire.  The costume included battery-powered Christmas lights so I glowed.  I used about a gallon of glitter and orange spraypaint.

2014 wildfire (3)2014 wildfire

And my 2015 costume is about to be unveiled…

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