Camping at a Maryland Farm Brewery

Locust Post Brewery is a Western Maryland farm brewery located on 26-acres.  In addition to brewing and operating a tasting room with live music, Locust Post also offers camping spots!  When I spotted it on Hipcamp, I excitedly booked a spot for my first night of my trip.

Upon arriving in Maryland, I immediately noticed that the highways out here are much different than in the west.  My route down I-70 was lined with lush forest, not a gas station or chain motel in sight.  (Is this the same I-70 that goes all the way to Colorado??)  Eventually I saw a little sign indicating a gas station was up at the next exit.  I pulled off onto a winding road with farms on both sides and spotted a deer on the side of the road.  The first person I saw was an old man in overalls and a plaid shirt, and I couldn’t help but smile.  Deer… plaid… overalls… what more could I ask for?

Locust Post is gloriously set atop a grassy hill, with rolling yellow mountains extending into the distance.  My camping spot was at the bottom of the hill under some fruit trees.  A mossy fence boxed it in and a weathered shed sat nearby.

The host offered me free firewood but I turned it down, opting instead to join the revelry inside the tasting room.  I walked inside a large barn with picnic tables and colorful chairs, where two guitarists sat at the front playing folk music.  It was all so New England-y!

It turns out the owners are artists, and the barn was decked out with their cool homemade sculptures and refinished furniture. The staff was super friendly and gave me a long list of ideas for what to do in the area.  I had no idea that Maryland had such beautiful mountains and cute towns! 

I imbibed in a couple yummy beers – the Juicy IPA didn’t even have a hint of bitterness! With folk tunes in the background, I enjoyed the art and Halloween decorations, and had some fun conversations. Then I retired to my tent and fell asleep in the crisp air, listening to the sounds of nature.

During the night I was awoken to what sounded like a gunshot.  I froze, listening.  Then when I didn’t hear any more movement, I tentatively crawled out with my headlamp on to see what was happening.  I heard another loud bang and whirled around to see that an apple had fallen from the tree onto the tin roof of the shed.  Not a gun then – phew!  I had forgotten for a second that I wasn’t in Texas.  Here in Maryland I don’t need to be concerned about guns, but rather fruit falling from the sky!

I woke up to a gorgeous foggy morning.  What a beautiful place and wonderful start to my trip.

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