Boose on the Loose is a collection of my stories about adventures in outdoor travel. If you prefer to listen rather than read, then make sure to check out the Boose on the Loose podcast, streaming now on Spotify!


What is a boose?

A boose is a fictional animal that is a cross between a bear and a moose. It was invented while telling silly stories around the campfire, but it has come to represent my brave and fearless side.

Why the focus on “misadventures”? Isn’t that bad vibes?

It’s not bad vibes, it’s good storytelling. Nobody wants to hear about the trips where everything is wonderful; that’s great for me but boring for the listener! Plus, the key to outdoor adventures is to expect the unexpected. No matter how prepared you are, things can go wrong… but that’s where the adventures begin.

Blogs are dead.

I use other people’s travel blogs to plan my trips and find them very helpful. I hope that my stories might help people with planning as well as provide some entertainment value.

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